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In 1994, when our son was a few days old, my husband gave me a beautiful Janel Russell mother and child diamond pendant. I was moved to tears when I received it and I've treasured it for 20 years. Last month, my darling niece gave birth to twin girls in Michigan. Imagine how thrilled I was to find the Janel Russell twin mother and child diamond pendant on line. I can't imagine a more perfect gift and I can't wait to present it to my niece this weekend when I visit the new babies for the first time. I will be wearing my pendant when I give Sheri hers.

Thank you for making the experience even more delightful.

Best regards,

Marcia C.
A Blessing During War Time
My son is 34 years old and I raised him as a single mom since he was 8 years, old 2 states away from my family as I worked for the government at a army hospital for 27 years. My son went in the army at 30 years old and came back to the base I was working and soon had orders for Iraq.....we had already lost my dad and brother and we lost my mom while he was in Iraq and he couldn't come home. I broke an arm with a severe fall on a trip to help a friend with cancer in WA state, and went into complete kidney failure , then contacted mercer in my right leg and would have been dead in 24 hours -- if surgery wasn't done. I was so worried about my son and trying not to tell him everything. He served 15 months in Iraq and to see him return safe on the parade field and have a hug was truly one of God's blessings. I looked awful and could barely walk with that leg...he said mama you look good to me!

Deborah G
Special Afternoon Vacation --Winner Summer 2010 Memories Contest!!
Special Afternoon Vacation --Winner Summer 2010 Memories Contest!!
I'm a single mother with no income and no help from my daughter's father and for the 1st time in my life I was able to take my 7 year old daughter to the beach for a weekend, thanks to some wonderful, caring, giving friends. There were maybe a dozen people on the beach and I got a snapshot of my baby that brought tears to my eyes, even chokes me up just thinking about it. The background is the sky, the ocean and the sand, the picture itself is the BACK VIEW of my petite, little girl, nobody around her, sitting on a beach towel, shoveling sand into her little purple pail. One of those "PRICELESS" shots. But even better than that, when we were walking off the beach at the end of the day, my little girl stopped me, said "Mom...", and she wrapped her little arms around my legs, kissed my stomach (because that's as high as she could reach) and said "I love you so much, thank you for my awesome day and taking me to the beach. I love you Momma" and it brought me to tears. For 7 years I could do nothing special for my baby and this day at the beach meant so much to her and she expressed herself in a way that I will tear up about every time I think of it. If I could share the picture I refer to, I'm sure that along with the details of our "special afternoon vacation" would do the same for you. She doesn't have much but what little I can do for her makes her the happiest most appreciative child in the world and for that, I am the luckiest mom in the world!

Janice H.
Mom Cheers Me Up! -- Winner 2010 Summer Memories Contest!!
Mom Cheers Me Up! -- Winner 2010 Summer Memories Contest!!
When I was in college, I was going through a rough time with a serious boyfriend. My mom sent me a photo book that she had made. Each page had a fun memory that I'd had with this boy and she had posed my cat (me) and my dog (my boyfriend) in positions and outfits to match the activity. I don't know how she did it, because they didn't have photoshop in those days, but it must have taken her days to complete. They were canoeing, playing guitar, eating at the dinner table with my family, watching a movie, etc. And the captions were hysterical.

It not only brightened my day, but gave me years of laughter afterwards. It also reminded me at what lengths my mom would go to cheer me up.

Janice D.
A Beautiful Day at the Zoo
A Beautiful Day at the Zoo
We took our son to the zoo for the first time. It was for his second Birthday and he was so excited. The elephants actually walked right up to him and he could almost touch them.

We were the only people who were able to get the apes to pay any attention to us and our son, Daniel asked if he could stay and play with them.

It was the best time ever and I will always remember it.

Martina S.
I'm Going to be a Mom!
Finding out I'm going to be a mom. I have prayed everyday of my life for a child. I had two miscarriages . I pray this time I will have my baby to love for the rest of my life. I'm due 05/2011 I had a scare on sat but went to ER and Dr said my baby fine and has a strong heart beat.

Joyce T.
Moving into Our Dream Home Together
Our family moved into our dream home this summer. We all came by before the movers arrived and had a picnic on the floor of our new living room on cushions. Our 1yr old and 3yr old ran and played in their new home exploring every nook and cranny while carrying around their chicken drumsticks. We felt proud to be able to provide a wonderful home for them to grow and thrive in and call their own. We felt proud that we were their parents and we enjoyed that afternoon to the fullest.

Erin D.
My Return Home
My favorite memory from this past summer was when my mother picked me up from the airport when I came back from Australia. When we saw each other it was almost like a sigh of relief went through our bodies because we finally got to see each other. That was the longest amount of time that i had been away from my mother and it was amazing to see her again.

Ashely D.
Free on the Beach
Our first trip to New England, removing her diaper to put on her bathing suit when she took off running naked on the beach.

Jaqui B.
Big Brother
My Favorite memories of summer of 2010 was having our 2nd child born. My 5 year old sat us down, myself and my wife and said, "know that I (Andy) am a Danny's big brother. I will take care of him, (my older one is 5 years old)love him and do everything that big brothers do with baby brothers". Ever since then he hugs, kisses and sings to his baby brother everyday like big brothers do to baby brothers.

Phillip L.
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